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Fri, 28 December 2018 08:03:44 +0000
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this is supposed to be in pounds, right?1st CF total, coming 1 week after getting walking boot off!BS: 119 (I think it’s a PR)Bench Press: 85 (hit previous PR; did BP b/c had been working on it)DL: 150 (either hit or just under previous PR)CFT (I think it’s more powerlifting lifts, oh well!): 354

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Fri, 28 December 2018 06:47:29 +0000
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Don’t have a lot of money to buy a building? Worry no more, because that’s available to receive the home loans to work out such problems. So take a commercial loan to buy everything you need.

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Fri, 28 December 2018 04:22:02 +0000
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Advance birthday greetings to G and J pretty colors and theme!Based on family experience, For joint parties, esp, with one who’s just turning 1, best to focus and highlight on the boy since it’s his first, which is a more “important” event. G had her limelight na.

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Fri, 28 December 2018 04:15:08 +0000
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You're so clever ! I really need to learn to sew. I'm hoping that my eldest daughter will show me how to use her machine soon.I had to sew a girlguide badge for my daughter today, I think a 2 year old could have done a better job !! :0(I can't wait to see what you create with that wonderful green material xx

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Fri, 28 December 2018 03:12:37 +0000
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In 2008 I was paid in checks that were stolen. I spoke to Bank Of America about it, no money was taken out after the checks were deposited. They told me that they had to close the account because the checks were stolen, but they said I shouldn’t have any problems opening another account any where else because there was no negative balance. I went to open an account but they told me I was reported to Chex Systems for depositing uncollectible checks, what do you suggest I do, it was reported in 2008.

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Fri, 28 December 2018 03:08:31 +0000
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Well, as far as evolution goes, species never really develop half an organ (one-time mutations don’t count). Instead, they’ll develop a simple little one, and add more bits to it.Like, instead of a hand, we’ll get a mitt. Or, even before that, we’ll have a leg to walk on. Or, even before that, we’ll have a little stub to move us around.No matter what, it still serves the purpose it needs to. Just, really suckily at first.And species with a primitive contraption for grabbing fruit still pwn the ones who lack the appendage. /<3

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Fri, 28 December 2018 02:02:17 +0000
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Again, No. You can indeed do all of that on Linux. The only one linux is a little rough on is .NET, but it does ALL of those other frameworks as well or better than Windows. In addition it costs net zero and with tools like OpsCode Chef and Puppet Labs Management tooling & scripting it is easier and far more scalable than Windows for far less $$. Case in point, the entire Internet.

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Fri, 28 December 2018 01:15:59 +0000
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Eu também uso o Gnome e nele como editor de textos padrão eu costumo utilizar o Geany ao invés do Gedit. Como não conheço o Kate não posso opinar muito, mas o Geany possui identação automática, sintaxe colorida e diversas outras funcionalidades. Inclusive tendo sua versão também para Windows, sinceramente eu recomendo!

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Fri, 28 December 2018 00:00:41 +0000
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I know you don’t use a smartphone, but there is a cool app on the iphone where you can listen to old serialised radio shows for free. My wife and I were listening to some when we were away from home last year. The cliffhangers are great.

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Thu, 27 December 2018 23:47:16 +0000
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Very cool. Without wishing to be wanky, there’s poetry here, especially the balance between Amelia’s mundane and transcendent loves, the way they support each other and compete with each other in her mind in a very messy real-life way. Cracking dialogue too. Cheers