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Sat, 29 December 2018 16:44:15 +0000
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Sat, 29 December 2018 16:13:31 +0000
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意童暫時無港童甘嚴重,好多小學系全日制,整個小學只由一個班主任跟甘多年同甘多科(除左英文(å¿…ä¿®)/外語(多數系法文)同體育)一個班主任跟20位同學的時候,分身不下,如此,同學們需要知道大概點搞掂自己。但跟上幾代而言,現在好多都比以前依賴,雖然義大利一直都有依賴阿媽的傳統(結婚前與父母同住,有D婚後同外父母同住,後著系義大利的上樓會問題導致多)義大利的勞工市場,求過於供(只系我比較奇怪地挑剔),剛畢業揾到工通常都唔夠膽好似香港甘亂黎。但大學畢業生一樣系無乜腦⋯⋯ 有時候唔知道系米自己老餅,定要求苛刻過頭⋯⋯傳說中最奇怪的面試現象:有人帶埋阿媽黎見,雖然應徵者話系阿媽死都要跟黎⋯⋯但面試過程中好似系面試阿媽多過個應徵者。連福利薪金等條件由阿媽談判。更奇怪的系⋯⋯面試位仁兄又俾個阿媽入埋黎面試80後對90後⋯⋯ 雙方都無腦TT 唔明同”狄娜問題“有關係(雖然義大利總理老貝淫亂⋯⋯)離開香港太耐⋯⋯跟唔到添!!

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Sat, 29 December 2018 15:56:58 +0000
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Thomas dit :Et malgré cela ils n’ont pas été foutu de se rendre compte qu’il y avait bien plus de gens qui avaient fait des recherches sur le Nexus 4 que ce qu’ils ont comme stock chez Google.

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Sat, 29 December 2018 15:37:59 +0000
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Before bashing city employees for using city cars read the update. The city employees who attended the meeting drove their own cars and paid for parking. The city cars mentioned by the councilors were driven by someone else for some other purpose/event. Get over it and quit making up fake excuses to complain. If you parked illegally and got a ticket it is your fault and nobody else.

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Sat, 29 December 2018 15:13:40 +0000
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I love how your blog has evolved! I subscribed by email so now I’ll never miss one! For some reason even though I was already subscribed to your blog I wasn’t getting updates by email. Now I will!! Can’t wait to read new posts. LOVE the pic by the way

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Sat, 29 December 2018 14:40:59 +0000
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I know exactly how it feels to look at your “baby” and suddenly see the “almost adult” that outsiders see….it’s a very weird, quite scary feeling! So sad that people are jumping to the wrong conclusions about Damien. It must be really tough for you and for him too

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Sat, 29 December 2018 13:04:32 +0000
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, too many McMansions…If you don’t mind telling me, what street is your house on?You can email me, if you decide to disclose such info.Thanks,Bill Dodd

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Sat, 29 December 2018 12:30:40 +0000
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“(…) essere stato stato esposto a immagini di ragazzi ubriachi o che si drogano. Questo comporterebbe un rischio triplo per il consumo di tabacco, quadruplo per quello di marijuana” ecc. ecc.Avete fatto caso che sul Corriere.it l’articolo è corredato dalla foto di una ragazza ubriaca? Chi legge il Corriere è a rischio di droga e tabagismo?

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Sat, 29 December 2018 10:09:31 +0000
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Sat, 29 December 2018 10:08:08 +0000
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I read this email to a friend who gave a brilliant explanation. Naturally, this lady feels guilty for following the ferber method and feels a need to defend herself by putting you down. So she has made up this meaningless critique to make herself feel better. I thought that was a cool insight into the human psyche and totally agree!