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Fri, 28 December 2018 14:14:25 +0000
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I just installed pro plus. Works very smooth on Galaxy S with froyo. For those who couldn’t find the unlock code, check your spam folder, I found mine there..Thanks for the good work!

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Fri, 28 December 2018 11:28:03 +0000
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Reading: Games Like Age of Empires – Top 5 Strategy Games List This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← I need you. 14 Reasons

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Fri, 28 December 2018 11:26:44 +0000
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Wow, that guy has been working there for 20 years and doesn’t know what he can eat? That is kind of surprizing. He ate a meal full of carbs and it aggrivated his diabetes. I can barely believe it!!! When are some people going to take responsibility for their actions?

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Fri, 28 December 2018 09:49:33 +0000
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19 september 2012 om 06:17 · Io sono contentissima qudnao Amelia ha religione, perche9 probabilmente la sua attivite0 alternativa e8 molto rilassante (dormire? guardare un film? non e8 dato sapere) e quindi non arriva a casa ciondolante di sonno come negli altri giorni. Anzi, quasi quasi se ce ne fossero di pif9, di ore

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Fri, 28 December 2018 09:07:35 +0000
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Once my sister had to call in sick because he son hid her keys and then couldn't remember where. Guess where they were? Under the paper!Here via Carnival of Family Life.

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Fri, 28 December 2018 09:00:27 +0000
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It seems that Youtube will finally stop the music video ban in the UK later this year. Which is good because now Youtube will gain back the many users it let down.

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Fri, 28 December 2018 08:17:56 +0000
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I need to try making pretzel rolls, thanks for the note about the boiling water + baking soda disaster though! I’m currently sporting a 2 inch long mega-burn on my forearm from a little mishap with the oven last week, so I can use all the safety warnings I can get

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Fri, 28 December 2018 08:12:11 +0000
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ride on, the real general, anybody that wishes you death will surely not be around when you go peacefully like awolowo, you will not die now together with people that fought to make nigeria one regardless of the wishes of a lame osu that does not wish nigeria well on his hospital bed abroad where he is waiting for death in a serious pain