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Wed, 26 December 2018 18:04:04 +0000
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LMAO! We've had a stinky house for the past couple of days. It's the 3 year old. I almost died laughing when she was sitting in shirt & panties on the hardwood floor & let one fly. OMG it was SO loud it made the dogs bark!

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Wed, 26 December 2018 12:46:52 +0000
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Wed, 26 December 2018 12:40:43 +0000
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Yes, indeed. The real threat to liberal democracy doesn't come from violent demonstrations, its real origin is the steady erosion of our liberty by the continual accommodation to Moslem demands. The Trojan Horse, is clearly, institutionalised multiculturalism.Any constitutional amendment or legislation is simply a piece of paper without the will to enforce it.Speaking of castles, we might eventually find ourselves in the same situation as the garrison of the Crac des Chevaliers, abandoned and alone.

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Wed, 26 December 2018 12:10:22 +0000
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Wed, 26 December 2018 10:57:04 +0000
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Wed, 26 December 2018 10:12:29 +0000
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There was an ad directed by a Swede lady called Emma Hvengaard that showed people on a night out being sick in reverse. Bit obscure and I'm certainly not berating the creatives but does anyone know what happened to Hvengaard? She was rather good I remember. And blonde. And Swedish.

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Wed, 26 December 2018 07:19:27 +0000
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Looks like you had a fab day. Loving the skirt. I had a blue beach buggy many years ago, which was no use nor ornament when you live in the midlands. strangely enough I didn't keep it too long. Much love x x

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Wed, 26 December 2018 05:43:00 +0000
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It was really pretty funny…my then girlfriend and I met Dawn Wells and another celebrity who had been one of her childhood crushes. Neither one had aged all that well….but…I’ll elaborate until it’s 1200 words, then I’ll post it and few will read it because it’s just too long.

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Wed, 26 December 2018 04:07:58 +0000
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Normal… Si es que los atracadores contratan a sus abogados después del atraco, cuando todo está hecho. Si hubiera contratado antes a un abogado, se habría ahorrado muchos problemas.

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Mon, 24 December 2018 05:09:14 +0000
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Corey, see above. The issues I think the CLB might have had–that Diet members, and as it turned out, the courts in limited doses did have–was whether Iraq constituted a conflict zone, entry into which would have contravened the ban on the use of force despite the UN mandate that the administration used as cover. In fact, Koizumi hardly made any arguments about Article 9, stressing Japan’s commitments to international society by selectively quoting the preamble. And it is “Bryce.” We have shared Makgeolli after all.GD Star Ratingloading...